Want to keep your pieces looking their best. Follow these simple tips to keep your pieces in tip top shape.


It's enevitable, gold plating will break down and begin to expose the metal underneath. The best thing you can do is to take care of your piece properly. That means following our care guide that is included with every order, as well as under the product description under every piece on the website. 

Although you can't truly clean a plated piece, here are a few tips to keeping it looking fresh:

  • Use a microfibre cloth to wipe off any finger prints or smudges. This will also clean off any oils that could break down the plating.
  • Try not to apply any makeup, oils or moisturizers while wearing your jewelry.
  • Don't toss your jewelry in a purse, or tangled with other jewelry pieces.
  • Try not to touch your jewelry during the day - we know it's hard! The oils on your hands can break the plating down.


Raw brass is super fun! We love it for so many reasons, but a few of the top ones are: you can wear it in water, it's easy to take care of and can look like new with a few simple steps.

With exposure to the elements, over time raw brass will begin to get what's called a patina. Although it is absolutely beautiful, most people think of it as a tarnish and want it removed. 

Below is a quick tutorial on how to remove to patina and restore your raw brass to it's brilliant shine!