For those who say you can't do it all- haven't met Darcy Burns. The Canadian based beauty is a multiple hat wearer when it comes to her business.  From designer, photographer, videographer, model and stylist, that is what makes her a modern woman multi-tasker. Her creativity was cultivated at a young age where she dreamed of travelling the world selling her art. Her dreams took her to the film industry where she worked as an award winning hair and special effects makeup artist. Darcy is the real deal and the total epitome of West Coast cool, with her laid back easiness and her fierce sense of girl power. When she isn't busy with her online brand, you can find her rescuing animals, being a plant based powerhouse or having a dance party to the beat of her own drum.

 IndigoMuse first started out as a blog while Darcy was working in film and television. After years of seeing society's standards being constantly pushed she decided to do something about it and that's how the blog came to be. It started out as a place to help women find self love, do challenges that pushed the norm and a place to just feel accepted. From there Darcy decided to take her love of creating and fuse it with her love of helping women feel beautiful - and that's how the jewelry brand was created. Instead of creating a product that made women feel a false sense of belonging, Darcy wanted to be sure that the brand had a feeling of sisterhood. "I want women to feel special. I want them to feel like they belong and that regardless of anything going on in their life they can feel beautiful. That's why I've created high end pieces for lower prices.  That way no one feels like they have to be out of pocket in order to have something special in their life."

When people ask what the motive behind the designs of the pieces are, Darcy says this: "All of my pieces are inspired by the stars and my deep love of the ocean- things that are bigger than us but we are all connected to. I'm also madly in love with keeping our planet clean, so I always have our footprint in the back of my mind when designing new pieces" 


In short, IndigoMuse  is just a badass girl gang, fiercely loving one another and the planet.